You are the light of the world!

Light is important to everyone both young and old. When there is light unlike darkness,it makes all happy. Light helps us to see people , animals and things around. Also we are able to find our way when there is light.

In the same way, Jesus said to his followers ”you are the light of the world”. This includes all children every where who call Jesus thier master and friend.

Jesus wants every child of his to know that they are important to the world and must bring happiness to people around them through good behavior. And thereby glorify God i.e make God happy. Also as light he wants his children to be examples of good behavior to others who having copied from them will glorify our heavenly Father.

Some important and good example children could show forth includes thier devotion to God in praying, reading the bible, loving thier neighbors,obeying parents and so on.

Most importantly, our Master, does not want you to hide your light, you must let it shine. Tell your parents and friends who you are: a light of the world and encourage them to become the same. If you this you will be blessed.

Do you know other ways children can shine as light, please mention them in the comment section.

Stay blessed!!!

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